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What Is Commercial Roofing?


The roof is the most important part of any building, and no building is complete without it. Commercial roofing protects all of the workers and the building’s assets from destruction or damage caused by nature and the weather conditions. Commercial roofing is widely different than roofing of residential constructions. The primary difference between the two is that commercial roofing generally has a flat slope, and the residential one is usually steeply sloped.


Commercial Roofing is becoming more and more popular with home owners each day. Its metal roofs are quite versatile and extremely durable. One other thing that makes it so desirable is that it requires minimum maintenance, and it’s very light.


Commercial Roofing helps in conserving energy because it reduces energy consumption quite reasonably. That’s because the materials that are used include pre-finished steel. Flat roofing is a popular commercial roofing that’s quite economic and very durable. It’s life span is around more than 30 years if you maintain it properly.


Common Problems of Commercial Roofing


  1. Faulty Flashing

Flashing that’s installed to help deflect the water from joints or seams can be the root of a leak 95% percent the time, and the culprit is always faulty flashing. It can fail because both contraction and expansion occurs, which might cause it to tear or even break. These are some of the most typical flat roof problems that occur today.


  1. Blow-offs


Leaks are not the only thing you need to worry about, as blow-offs can also arise from flashing that’s been improperly installed. Wind damage can expose the seams, and if they are not properly tended to, the wind uplift can cause damages to the membrane of the roof. High winds can lead to blow offs of all caps on vents and chimneys, which would allow water to get in the pipe.


  1. Standing water

Blocked or clogged drains can sometimes lead to standing water, although more often the cause is poor installation or design. When we allow water to stand on our roof for a longer period of time, we risk deterioration and leaks.


  1. Punctures


Commercial roofing can be damaged from foot traffic and it can be quite detrimental, especially to SPF roof systems. If the traffic continues it can lead to scrapes and cuts in the roof’s membrane and easily damage it. This can lead to leaks, and even make your guarantee void.


Choose Us and Make Your Dream House a Reality


Your house is the one place where you spend most of your time and experience your happiest and most memorable moments. Your house and its design and look usually represent who you are as a person. You choose the design, the paint and all else using your imagination. You poor your soul into it, and you see your future and your dreams in it. That’s your home sweet home, which is why you want it to be perfect. It’s not just because you’ll be spending most of your time there, but you also want to make sure your whole family enjoys it as much as you do. Before making any big decisions on your dream house you need to think about a very big and important part of it – the roof. You need to choose wisely, since a wrong decision can destroy your dreams in a minute.


Commercial roofing gives you the chance to get a good quality and well performing roof, without spending more than your budget allows. Our company will work according to your needs and your budget, and will always respect your time. We have a professional crew of very skilled people who will make sure they finish everything on time and within your limit.


Our company can help you choose your best roofing option, and help you decide what’s suitable, and what’s not for your home. We can also suggest some of the best metal or tile roofing for your commercial complex, and provide you with the most stable and affordable material we have.


Think Before You Decide on a Roof


Roofing is a big investment that requires a lot of thought and gathering of information before you can finally make your decision. This will help you avoid having any regrets later on. That’s why you need a contractor that will ensure you’ll get a good quality service. Once you’ve selected your contractor and assigned him or her to your project you need to trust their decision and their professional opinion, and simply sit back and wait for your new roof.


The low cost offers that some commercial roof companies may give you can seem inviting and attractive, although you need to always make sure that their cost reduction does not affect the quality of their work. If that ends up being the case, the cost reduction is actually not worth it. When picking the best contractor for the job, you must make sure they fit all of your requirements, both qualitatively and quantitatively.