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Re-Roofing/Re-Cover Services in Mesa AZ

If you own a home or commercial building, then you know how important it is to have a well-built roof that is in good condition. A good roof provides security and safety for the property’s construction and everything inside the building, as well as insulation to help keep your utility bills down. Our roofing experts offer a variety of commercial and residential roofing services, including re-roofing, new roof construction and roof replacement.

Don’t ignore roof problems!

When your roof doesn’t do what it should due to damage or age, it can be a recipe for disaster! Old roofs often have deteriorated to the point of allowing water to leak into the structure. Once that happens, the moisture will cause damage to the wood, plaster and your wiring.

Whether your roof is beyond repair or it’s simply old, then it’s time to replace it, or you could be facing costly repairs to the rest of the property. It may also create an unsafe environment for your family or employees.

If roof replacement is not in your budget, there is an alternative. Re-roofing/re-cover can be a great alternative if you’re searching for a less costly solution to your roof replacement problem.

What is the difference between re-roofing and roof replacement?

In some cases, commercial and residential roofing can be re-covered instead of completely removed when you opt for re-roofing. In this process, our roofing contractor builds on to your existing roof to create a durable and long-lasting solution. The process is simple: the roofing contractor installs shingles over those that are already on the roof and builds an additional layer of protection for your property.

Replacing your roof entirely involves removing all of the roofing materials down to the decking. A new roof is then installed. When you get a complete roof replacement, you’re paying for more contractor time and more waste removal as well as more new materials.

Benefits of re-covering vs. complete roof replacement

Re-roofing is a time-saving option because there is no need to tear off the existing roof. It’s a more environmentally friendly option, since there’s no additional roofing material to throw away. There’s also no need for extra contractors to come pull the shingles and other roofing material off your roof. If you’re looking for a faster and more budget-friendly roofing option, then talk to our experienced roofing contractors to see if your roof is a candidate for this process.

When is a re-cover the best choice?

If you’re curious whether you can re-cover your property, then here’s what to consider. If your roof doesn’t have major problems such as structural damage, excessive mold or mildew, then a re-cover may be the best answer. Your roof should not have areas where there is standing water or leaks.

Also, in order to be a candidate for re-roofing, your existing roof should not have any built-up areas where shingles have already been placed over roofing materials. If your roof is simply older and is in good shape, then re-roofing is a perfect solution. When you’re ready for a new roof, call our roofing experts for a free estimate. Our licensed roofing contractors will provide you with a great re-roofing experience that will make the property look great while protecting your building. Contact us today for a free estimate on all of your roofing needs in Mesa AZ and surrounding areas!