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Residential Roofing Contractors in Mesa AZ

Taking care of a roof on a house will keep many problems from developing in the future. A roof that leaks can end up destroying insulation, ceiling panels, drywall, and many household items. It can also attract mold, which can create many different health issues for the occupants inside the home.

Types of Roofs

Some of the most common types of roofs include gable, hipped, flat, mansard, and a possible combination of these.

The type of covering will depend a lot on the roof type. For instance, a flat roof will need different materials than one with a steep pitch. A house with very little pitch will be better off using a type of roll roofing or EPDM rubber instead of shingles.


A homeowner should know of the different types of shingles that are now available for residential roofing. There are both 3 tab and dimensional shingles made from fiberglass, organic materials, and asphalt base, with asphalt being the most common. 3 tab roofing has been the most popular type of shingles with the dimensional type gaining in popularity. There are also shingles made from cedar and a newer type of metal shingles. Our roofing professionals can help the homeowner decide which is the best type for the house.

Foam Roofing

This is a type of roofing that is sprayed on new roofs and sometimes over existing roofs. It is a good insulation type of roofing that is generally used for commercial roofs. It could be a possible choice if you have a flat roof on your house, since it will seal against water leakage better.

Tile Roofing

There are several types of tile available, and this roofing type is designed to help protect the exterior of your house for a very long time. Tile roofing can last nearly a century with no problems unless the tiles become damaged.

These tiles are mostly made from slate, clay, and concrete, which are very brittle. They are virtually fireproof but can be damaged by falling tree branches or other debris.

Roof Installation

Installing a new roof sounds daunting, but our professional roofing crew can take care of it needs to be done in several steps. The old roofing material needs to be torn off and disposed of before a roofing crew can start installing new roofing materials. If installing roofing shingles, a layer of felt paper is usually tacked down before starting. This job usually takes three to five days, depending on the weather and how many workers are involved. Installing a tile roof usually takes twice as long.

Extending the Life of Your Roofing

Most types of shingle roofing will need to be replaced every twenty to thirty years, depending on the weather and grade of shingles. Storm damage can shorten the life of a roof, as can damage from animals and trees. A roof also needs properly maintained for the longest life.

Leaves and other debris needs to be cleaned off on a regular basis. They will build up in valleys of your roof and become water-logged, which will damage the shingles underneath. This could create leaks, which means the shingles will need to be replaced earlier than desired. Chimneys and vent pipes will need to be sealed around with a quality sealant to keep water from getting under the shingles. If you have questions or concerns, our roofing experts can take a look at your roof and help determine what maintenance or repair it might need.

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