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Arizona’s Finest Roofing Company in San Tan Valley


Putting on new residential roofs can sometimes be stressful for the property owner, but it does not have to be that way. Arizona’s Finest Roofing uses the finest quality roofing materials for roofing installation, roof repair, and roof replacement in the San Tan Valley, Mesa, Phoenix, and Scottsdale, Arizona region.

We take pride in the services our roofing company offers to our residential and commercial clients. Our goal is to provide our customers with the best return on their investment for long-lasting, durable roofing that can stand up to the hot Arizona sun.

Arizona Cool Roof

One of the roofing systems that we offer to our customers is the “cool roof” system, which provides excellent sun reflection to reduce the heat buildup that can happen in the summer sun. This roofing material can reflect the UV rays of the sun to improve energy efficiency and cooling throughout the home. Advances have been made in the development of cool roofing products, providing homeowners with better temperature control, longer-lasting materials, and improved indoor comfort year-round.

It is possible to reduce monthly utility costs for cooling in the summer with a cool roof system installation. There are many benefits associated with choosing a cool roof system for commercial roofs and residential roofs in Arizona, and Arizona’s Finest Roofing has experience working with these innovative materials. Our customers in San Tan Valley can take advantage of this type of installation for roof replacement on existing structures, or roofing installation on new construction.

Some of the other benefits associated with cool roof systems include:

● Energy savings due to reflected UV rays instead of retained heat.
● Reduced environmental pollution from improved energy efficiency.
● Decreased strain on the local power grid, meaning fewer electrical outages.
● Increased life expectancy for roofing materials and HVAC equipment.
● Enhanced indoor comfort due to improved temperature control.
Therma Sheet Roofing Underlayment

Another excellent product that San Tan Valley customers will appreciate is the Therma Sheet roofing underlayment for both commercial roofs and residential roofs. Arizona’s Finest Roofing Company is proud to offer roofing installation options that include this product in conjunction with an install of composite shingles, single-ply and multi-ply materials, concrete tile, clay tile, and even metal roofing.

Some of the key advantages of Therma Sheet roofing underlayment include:
● Class A fire rated, to reduce insurance premiums and provide additional safety.
● Reduces temperatures in the attic significantly.
● Boosts R-values of insulation in systems that feature airspace.
● Provides enhanced thermal protection and a complete moisture barrier.
● Designed to not superheat the roofing materials.
What to Expect from Arizona’s Finest Roofing

San Tan Valley homeowners and commercial property owners who hire Arizona’s Finest Roofing Company for roof replacement, roof repair, or new roofing installation on commercial roofs or residential roofs can expect top quality results.

Our team of highly trained and experienced technicians delivers professional services to meet all budgetary and time-based requirements. Part of our success is in our attention to detail and commitment to ensuring customer satisfaction.

We are a Better Business Bureau Accredited Business with an A+ rating that we have worked hard to earn and maintain. We are proud to have received dozens of positive testimonials from our many satisfied customers.

Our services include installation of roof shingles, tiles, and other top-quality roofing materials, as well as roof repairs for leaky or damaged roofs. We also specialize in both commercial and residential roofing for many different types of properties in Arizona and can work with our customers to design roofing solutions based on their needs, structural requirements, and budget.

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