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Roofing Repair Services

Roofing is not so much different than other industries. You can find good, bad and horrible service. It has become harder for people to find a good quality service that’s affordable at the same time. We are aware that the key part to having a good business is our customer, and that’s exactly why we always strive to provide an honest, professional, and cost-effective service so that we can leave our customers happy with their new roof and the service we provided.

Living in the Phoenix, Mesa, and San Tan Valley areas means your home or business is exposed to harsh elements. Your roof can get worn out or damaged by the harsh sun, the Monsoon rains, or the occasional dust storm. When that happens, call Arizona’s Finest Roofing.

We are an experienced company that employs skilled, experienced roofers who use the highest quality roofing materials to fix leaks and repair storm damage. Our roofing services cover both residential and commercial properties. The employees at Arizona’s Finest Roofing can also take care of any damaged insulation to your roof.

We also take several precautions to make sure your landscaping is not damaged during the roof repair process, including laying down tarps and other protective coverings. When you need roof maintenance or repair, call Arizona’s Finest Roofing for a free estimate!

What you can expect from our company

  • Once you request a quote, we’ll send you a detailed proposal that’s customized for your roofing needs.
  • You can expect to have a good communication with us, and can be sure that we’ll always be available to answer any of the questions you might have.
  • Your property and your home will be left as they were found, undamaged and clean.
  • We’ll finish the project on time, and as promised.
  • You will be in touch with everything that’s going on, by receiving frequent updates and progress reports.
  • We have a very talented and professional crew, so you can expect your new roof system to perform spotlessly.
  • And you will be happy and pleased with our friendly and professional service.

How to decide between roofing repair or replacement

Our professional staff can also help you decide whether you need roofing repair or replacement in case you are not sure.

Sometimes the decision to replace, or repair a roof is not so easy, which is where you can depend on us to inspect your roof, help you decide what your best solution would be, and give you an honest price estimate.

Here are some factors that play a role when deciding whether to replace or repair your roof:

  • If what you have is one, isolated leak that affects just a part of your roof, repairing it would often be the better choice.
  • If you have an old roof that has leaks and holes in more than one section of it, then replacing it would be the obvious choice.


Sadly, roofing repair or replacement sometimes isn’t such an easy decision to make. Sometimes the choice isn’t as obvious as it was in the examples above. That’s when we have to look at other factors too, in order to make the correct decision.

In such cases we do not only look at the damage done, but at the roofing material that you have as well. The following information on common roofing material options is here to help you decide whether repair or replacement is right for you after damage occurs:

Roof Repair or Replacement – Depending on Material Options

There is a huge difference between some roofing material, making some of the choices better for repair than others.

Tile and slate replacement is nearly never a good choice, unless your roof is older than 70 years. When it comes to a slate or tile roof, sometimes even extensive repair can be a way better option than having the whole roof replaced.

However, when it comes to an extremely damaged wood roof that would require extensive repair work, your best option would probably be replacement, and with a totally different material even. At least have a look at some other more cost effective and durable material choices before you give your wood roof one more chance.

Metal roofing has a very long lifespan and rarely requires any repair. If time has come for you to replace your metal roof, that means it’s basically done its job, and has probably lasted for decades. Your best option is to have it replaced. If the damage’s not so great, then a simple roof repair would do its job, and you’ll have a well performing metal roof for years to come.

Asphalt might possibly be the most difficult roofing material to work with when you’re trying to decide what your best option is – replacement or repair?

Asphalt is a material that can easily be patched up multiple times, and still perform properly, but it’s also one of the quickest aging roofing materials. It’s biggest benefit, however is that it’s really affordable, which means you are able to completely replace it a few times before you reach the cost of just a single installation of all other roofing materials.

The roof repairing process

Once you go over all choices and consider which one would be best for you, you can talk to your roofing contractor to either have your roof repaired or replaced. If you both decide it’s best to have your roof repaired, you will need to follow these few steps.

You need to be very careful with broken shingles. Your contractor will make sure to clean all openings, and reattach the old shingles that look okay, to make sure they last longer.

When you put off repairing your roof till the last minute, you end up spending more in the future and you risk having extensive damage not only in your roof, but throughout your house as well.